Australia's probably not going to ban the teaching of religion to children, but should this happen?

In a recent one-off report, published a story claiming Australia will ban the teaching of religion. I honestly haven't found any more sources on the net and this could very well be fake news meant to go viral.

However, it's a chance to start a conversation about all this. So indulge me.

As much as I may be against the idea of religion, I don't think anyone should or would ban parents from teaching their kids about their faith. I agree, it leads to early indoctrination and Richard Dawkins called it 'child abuse' but this goes too far. Governments should be impartial to religion and secular but banning everyone from doing this is an attack on some fundamental rights. Furthermore, it will lead to whoever's leading the government to be a victim of an assassination almost as a guarantee.

Which is ironic and extremely infuriating at the same time.

What do you think?

Source: BREAKING NEWS: Australia has become the first country on the planet to ban the teaching of religion to children | 3tags