Make Indian roads safer with one simple step


Delhi roads – hell, INDIAN roads – are the reason why most of us peace-loving folk get turned into homicidal maniacs given a chance.

The police, the municipalities, the politicians are all cursed under millions of breaths every single day. But once we drown the frustration in a drink and dinner, later on, we forget it until the next morning brings us a fresh brew of pain-in-the-assery.

The problem is it costs people their livelihoods if not their lives. Every single day, EVERY FOUR MINUTES (according to some sources), someone dies in a road accident in this country.

But there is a solution. One simple solution.

Follow the rules

That’s it. Just follow the rules. They are designed to save lives and make the roads safer and every single day, we consciously go around breaking them. Why? “Because THAT f***er did. Now I’ll show HIM!” What are we? Children?

I understand there’s a lot of anger involved, a lot of frustration, a LOT of morons. But, before we start honking at them, accept that, sometimes, we all act like morons. We all have contributed, to some extent, to make India's’s roads less safe. Maybe we cut a red light now and then. Maybe we speed on open roads. Maybe we slip down the wrong side of the road once in a while.

But every time you do this little thing, you’re putting lives in danger – your own and everyone in the near vicinity. Your car or bike isn’t simply a vehicle. It’s a potential weapon.

You think I’m being melodramatic? Really? Think about it. What happens when a half-ton pile of metal slams into you at 60 km/h. What if you slam into a wall at the same speed? It’ll cause more damage than a bullet or a knife, I assure you. Especially if you or your passengers (and yes, I’m including the ones in the back) are not wearing seatbelts.

If you’ve gone abroad and seen how well behaved people are on the roads and come back here and swear at your fellow drivers, understand that it’s not just the traffic police there that makes the difference. It’s the attitude of the drivers to being aware of the dangers of traffic and behaving responsibly.

In India, we can't count on the cops to enforce the rules and the law. So we must take it upon ourselves to enforce them in our own lives. We can’t teach other drivers what to do but we can have a clear conscience that we’re doing the right thing and the people in our vehicles are safe. It has to be from a sense of responsibility and consideration for our fellow humans. Not from fear of a ticket.

Just follow the rules

Look them up if you’ve forgotten and memorise them again. Realise that you are driving a potential weapon. And understand that there are people out there who will thank you for it, without you even knowing it. Fortunately, I have encountered a few thumbs ups, a few smiles and a few nods from appreciative folk on the roads. You may get them too.

The Indian traffic system is deeply flawed and it’s not going to fix itself anytime soon. But there is the quick fix – the short-term plan that will help. YOU can be the change.

Each one of us has to do our bit to be safer drivers and maybe the Indian roads will be just a bit safer and fewer lives will be lost every day.

Now drive safely. Seriously. For all our sakes.