My Husband Made Me A Prostitute - Offensive or Essential?


This ad has gone seriously viral over the last few days and has really got people talking. But it seems to have backfired just a tad.

Instead of talking about drinking and driving, people are criticising the premise that a woman has to resort to prostitution to support herself and pay her husband's hospital bills.

It's a valid point, surely, and yes, this troubled me too, which is why I did think this ad is a bit extreme. Maybe that's an understatement. Of course, this video is far from being a realistic scenario for most people and can even be interpreted as positively offensive, quite validly so from your points. But I think that was the point. I'm not defending the creator of this advert, mind. I am merely trying to understand why he would portray this in the first place.

The essence of this idea, I think, comes from the facts that

1) a substantial number of driving accidents are a result of drunken driving

2) a majority of these are due to male drivers and

3) a majority of households in India are dependant on the husband's income.

In the video, the woman clearly says there may have been other options, but this is a choice she voluntarily made since the amount of money she got from prostitution is high and immediate, and that this was necessary to keep her husband alive in his coma. Mind, she wasn't forced into this and if a woman chooses to be a prostitute even with other options in sight, what right does anyone have to question it?

The point I was coming to is this. Based on the 3 points above, drunken driving has led many families to lose their primary source of income. If the said person is alive but in need of constant medical attention, that in itself would be a very high cost for any family to bear, especially without any other significant income and they would have to take drastic steps to make it possible.

I agree, this story takes the perspective into a highly controversial and even offensive perspective, but I think the shock of this video was intentional to make it go viral to get the message to as many people as possible about one extreme scenario caused by drunken driving. This is why I'm having trouble judging this video for its alleged sexism.

However, since the very element they used to shock the audience is drawing the conversation away from the central purpose of this ad, I say it's been a tad counterproductive. But hey, as long as it's got people talking and discussing things productively, I'm happy.

What do you think? Do you feel they could have portrayed the message with just as much impact through more politically correct means? Have you seen any ad that has made you seriously think twice about drinking and driving? Do you drink and drive?